Run Aligned Open Testnet

Gitpod - Create Workspace and Enter 

Commands - 

sudo apt update -y    ✅

sudo apt upgrade -y    

sudo apt-get install curl -y    

curl -L | bash    

source /home/gitpod/.bashrc    

curl -L | bash    

rm -rf ~/aligned_verification_data/ &&
aligned submit \
--proving_system SP1 \
--proof ~/.aligned/test_files/sp1_fibonacci.proof \
--vm_program ~/.aligned/test_files/sp1_fibonacci-elf \
--aligned_verification_data_path ~/aligned_verification_data \
--conn wss://    

aligned verify-proof-onchain \
--aligned-verification-data ~/aligned_verification_data/*.json \
--rpc \
--chain holesky    

After the 7th Command Line, you will get a explorer link which looks like this👇
It should be Verified✅

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