RUN 'Eclipse Testnet' Without VPS

 Login Github -

Enter Codespace -

Create a Black Template, it will get you a Terminal with CLI.

Enter this Single Line Command - 👇

wget && chmod +x && ./

Follow Below Steps

Main Steps - 

- Creating SOL wallet in 'Step - 6 ScreenShot'.
- Fund some $SOL to that Wallet.
- Export that SOL Wallet to OKX Wallet.
- Open that OKX wallet click Receive Button and select 'Sepolia ETH Address' copy it.
- Send some Sepolia $ETH to that Address.
- Next, Retrieve the "'Sepolia ETH Address' Private Key" and copy to enter like same in 'Step - 8 ScreenShot'.
- Copy Program Address in 'Step - 9 ScreenShot'

For Retrieving 'Private Key' , ScreenShots are shared Below

For OKX Wallet 

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